Total Apocalypse

Our friends "Man Hussy" are putting on this event THIS Tuesday and it's gonna be hilarious! Also with bands Needles & Pins and Machu Picchu!

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Get Real with Smalltown DJs & Vinyl Ritchie

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a bit about... DJ PSAR!

Q. What's your favourite party/gig that you've played?
A. I think every party of the world has its own charm, I don't really have "one" favourite spot. One of my best memories was some festival that the radio station I work with throws every year "NRJ in the Park".

I had the chance to rock more than 50,000 with MP Family but also with my artist "Stromae", he's the next big name coming out of Belgium. It was an amazing experience to rock so many people at once. It was also broadcasted on air on our Belgian national TV Channel. Check for yourself here!

Africa was also one of my best experiences on stage. People out there show so much love and definitely know how to party! Video link here!

Q. What are your 3 favourite tracks right now?
A. Stromae "Alors on danse"
Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"
Dizzee Rascal "Holiday"

Q. What was the first album you bought?
A. Onyx "All We Got Iz Us"

Q. What are some of your hobbies outside of djing?
A. Movies, traveling, I'm also very interested in marketing and new ways of communication.

Q. What is your favourite food to eat?
A. Sushi... Vancouver sushi of course ;0)

Q. What are you currently working on?
A. We're working on a couple of projects, new destinations, new challenges. Since Brussels is right in the middle of Europe, it's pretty easy for me to reach other markets: France, Holland, Germany and so on. I just dropped my new mixtape "The Journey", you can download it on

On top of being a DJ I also promote and organize parties along with my team "MP Family" (which reunites 5 international DJ's from Belgium as well as some video editors, bookers, radio producers, beatmakers). We have 7 weekly nights running in Belgium so far.

I also have 3 weekly radio shows:
  • P.S.A. Radio, which is syndicated in a couple of countries and we'll start broadcasting live every week on ustream.
  • NRJ Mash Up I host with my brother DJ Septik & Julie on NRJ Radio, one of the main radio stations for young people in Belgium.
  • and "Slowbounce" with DJ Septik, which is a Reggae & Dancehall show syndicated in Canada, USA, West Indies and Belgium.
STROMAE is definitely the next big thing coming out. He's based out of Brussels and is one of the most talented young kids out here. He produces, writes, raps and sings. STROMAE is a very complete artist. We're working on a project called "Elecstro Mixture", which will give a taste of his upcoming album dropping early next year. His main hit "Alors on Danse" just became #1 on the official Belgian billboard. He's also #3 on iTunes Belgium. STROMAE is one of the only artists to make it that far without any record deal or videos in the history of the Belgian music industry.

You can download DJ PSAR's mixtapes and exclusive tracks and remixes at

Keep up with DJ PSAR here:

And be sure to check out DJ PSAR this Friday October 9th at Fortune Sound Club for Happy Ending Fridays with Marvel and Brendan Butter. For more info, click here!

Team Canada CD Release Party!

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DJ Psar

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Boot Dash!

a bit about... RICO UNO!

Q. What are your 3 favourite tracks right now?
A. Young Jeezy - Sunny Days
Restless People - Days Of Our Lives (Light In Mix)
Laden - Time To Shine

Q. What was the first album you bought?
A. If I can remember correctly, it was Another Bad Creation - Coolin' at the Playground Ya Know! I was so excited about ABC because I was in grade 2 and some of the guys in the group were the same age as me! I was introduced to the East Coast Family (Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD) by my babysitter who is also responsible for my love of basketball and fine garments.

Q. What are some of your hobbies outside of djing?
A. popcorn, basketball, reading books, searching for new ideas, movies, napping, waiting forever for my new couch to arrive...

Q. What was your first job?
A. My first job was sometimes drive/sometimes receptionist for the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver.

Download RICO UNO's newest mixtapes:
IT'S ALL OVER (right click to download)
SWAG SURFING (right click to download)

Keep up with RICO UNO here:

And be sure to check out RICO UNO this Friday October 2nd at Fortune Sound Club for Happy Ending Fridays with Hedspin and Brendan Butter.

Jon O'Neil (Higher Bliss)

I Feel Love Photobooth!

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Burton "B Movie" Premier

Jay Tripwire

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Nappy Dugout

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DJ Neil Armstrong

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Empty Bottles Broken Hearts

New works by Meghan Paterson!

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Thirsty For Metal

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Luis Machuca & Thomas Osaze

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Total Apocalypse Photos

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DJ Pump's Sevonte Swang

This mix was released earlier this year but for those of you who missed it's amazing! And you can hear DJ Pump mixing live alongside DJ Hedspin this Friday at Fortune Sound Club.

DJ Hedspin's 130 BPM Mix

You can check out Hedspin this week at Happy Ending Fridays with DJ Pump and Brendan Butter. For event info, click here!

Night Vision

Night Vision is a renegade outdoor photograph projection show in Vancouver. The second installment of Night Vision is coming up this Saturday, Sept. 26th and the location will be disclosed the day before the event at

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Friends & Lovers Presents: I Feel Love

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This Weekend at Fortune

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DJ Pump and Hedspin (Eh! Team DJs)

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Fortune Grand Opening Photos

The Grand Opening was a huge success! Big thanks to everyone who made this possible and to everyone who came by!

Photos by Mark Gutknecht, see the rest of the photos HERE!

The Cobbles

The Cobbles is a local site where "you'll find news and facts about street culture, music, fashion, art and entertainment with a touch of geek". Check out what they had to say about Fortune!


A lot of people have been asking about the band that played at the grand opening, so check out their website to learn all about KUTAPIRA!

Nav (Bombay Records)

Who was the best on the block?

We were honoured to host "Who’s The Best On The Block" (b-boy/girl/freestyle/b-dance battle) at this year's Livestock Block Party, the competition was fierce! Thanks to all who came through to represent! We might just have to bring this to the club, so stay tuned!

Sweet Spot

"Though Chinatown is the best spot for a fresh coconut bun or dim sum, it isn't usually on our radar for painting the town red. Until now..."
Read the full article at

Livestock Block Party 2009

The Livestock Block Party 2009 was the biggest one yet with over 5,000 people partaking in good times and festivities. Thanks to everyone who helped create the vibes and look out for something new next year! Photos by Mark Gutknecht. Click HERE for more.