Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi - That Tree

DJ Premier Guru Tribute Mix

Rest in peace Keith 'Guru' Elam. Ain't nobody going to do a Guru tribute mix like DJ Premier. Download it HERE.

NLA Sample Sale!

The NLA Sample Sale is open this Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. See the brands HERE.

Say Hello To My Leedle Fren

Scarface school play, click HERE.

My!Gay!Husband! + Rico Uno + Butter

Friday April 16th My!Gay!Husband! plays the main room at Happy Ending Fridays, more info HERE.
And EASY NOW with Cherchez La Femme, December Furcoat and Double Dutch in the Livestock Room!

Avant Gucci

JayCeeOh went the extra step and remixed every song over a wide variety of beats that you would normally never hear him on. Gucci vs Sade, Wale, Major Lazer, De La, Ludacris, Gorillaz, Drake and much more. Download HERE.

Hip-Hop Karaoke April and Vol. 4 re-cap

Another amazing HHK. Photos by Mark Gutknecht HERE. Next up is April 12th so make sure you pre-register your songs to and remember it's FREE before 10:30pm. For more info, click HERE.

HHK 'I Saw You'

matchmaker matchmaker make me a match!

LCD Soundsystem 'Drunk Girls'

Kelis 'Acapella'

Watch HERE.

Smalltown Romeo

New mix that Wax Romeo and Smalltown DJ's just put out for Flashing Lights in NYC. Mark it down on the calendars as we have Wax Romeo locked for June 4 and Smalltown DJ's for June 11 all inside Happy Ending Fridays. Download HERE.

Dada Life

It's Good Friday after tonight so you can sleep in. Join the FB event and get ticket info HERE.

What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off

365 photographs later, this year long project of photographing Stormtroopers in various daily scenarios is complete. See the rest HERE.

Sup Fu? w/ DJ OB-1, Marvel, Flipout, RE-UP & Ipod Battle!

Wednesday April 14th starts with an iPOD battle hosted by Flipout, more info HERE.
Then followed by Sup Fu? Wednesdays with DJ OB-1, Marvel & Flipout, more info HERE.
And RE-UP in the Livestock Room with Genie & Rico Uno

Del The Funky Homosapien Review

Thanks to everybody who attended the 'sold out' Del The Funky Homosapien show featuring Bukue One, Zac Hendrix and Cody The Catch. Also shout to Osiris, Spectrum and Tigerstone. More photos by Mark Gutknecht HERE.

"I have to admit - I was impressed. It was loud, but not painful, and crisp across the whole spectrum of wavelengths. The place was packed, the crowd was amped, and everyone put on a wicked show." Check out the rest of Billy Jaye's review HERE on Vancouver Is Awesome.

The Notorious xx

Biggie x The xx download HERE.


Yazbukey is an accessory line created by two sisters: Yaz & Emel, ottoman princesses and descendants of Mehmet Ali Pasha King of Egypt. They decided to launch their line with the idea of dressing up a black dress: from shoes to bags to jewellery. Their 'Happy Birthday' collection includes some famous faces, see the rest HERE.

Sup Fu? Wednesdays w/ Flipout, Arems & P-Luv

Thanks to the 400 people that came through to the Grand Opening of Sup Fu? last week. This week we break you off with Flipout (2010 Red Bull 3 Style Champ), Arems (Faction Sound Crew), P-Luv (Boyscouts) and DJ She in the Livestock Room. We are busting any recessions by offering 1. FREE before 11pm 2. FREE to all retail, club, and restaurant industry (just show biz card or pay stub) before 12 am 3. or simply email with 'your full name +1 and Sup Fu? March 31' in the subject box. Basically I guess its FREE FREE FREE. Special week day drink specials in effect! Quality music in effect! That's what's up fu's! Facebook page HERE.
And check out the photos from last week's grand opening night HERE. Photos by Mark Gutknecht.


Upstream Entertainment presents the 'livest' performers Breakestra with very special guests Heavyweight Dub Champion on Thursday, April 15. Buy tickets HERE and for more info, click HERE.
Watch HERE.

Sounds Of Our Underground

Sunday April 18th EARLY SHOW doors at 7pm with performances by: True Fold, The Quest Poetics, Airtights ft. D-City & Paul Skratch, DJ Carlyle Mark & DJ Hayze. For more info, click HERE.

Chin Album Release Party & Birthday Bash

Chin Injeti is a name you've most likely heard before in the Canadian music scene. The former member and founder of Juno, MuchMusic and Socan award winning group Bass is Base shares a very special day at Fortune Sound. Chin has joined forces with Los Angeles' DJ Khalil (Aftermath Entertainment), and gone on to produce, remix and write for many artists including Dr. Dre, Nas, Busta Rhymes, The Clipse, Talib Kweli, Esthero, Hot Hot Heat, Bedouin Sound Clash and many more. Join the FB event HERE and show your support for our fellow Canadians.

Roofeo - Call It What You Want Mixtape

ROOFEO just put out a new mixtape with variations on current faves, indie hits, new jams and mega and listen HERE.

Goodhousekeeping at Experience Saturdays

Tyler Lewis (lowmidHigh), R i c c o (Slow DJs), Ethnic Friends (Jack Your Body), Rob Rizk (Experience) and in the Livestock Listening Lounge it's Vinnie The Squid (Slow DJs/Swank Logic). Plus, it's Vinnie's bday party so let's help him celebrate because he's an extra special little guy. For more info, click HERE.

Paul Devro at Happy Ending Fridays

This Friday April 23 we have Paul Devro (Mad Decent) alongside Rico Uno & Butter and in the Livestock Room with My!Gay!Husband! & Genie for Culture Club playin all your fav club music from around the world! For more info, click HERE.
**Download Paul's MAD DECENT Mega Mix 2010 for Warp Magazine Japan HERE.**

Happy Ending Fridays Long Weekend!

It's an extra special Good Friday as we have Eh! Team DJ's Pump & Hedspin on 4 tables going back and forth and the brand new night Culture Club featuring My!Gay!Husband! and Genie in the Livestock back room. Join the FB event and see more details HERE.
And join the Happy Ending Fridays fb group HERE for a free download of the Official Happy Ending CD Vol. 1 with Rico Uno, Genie, Hedspin & Marvel.

Experience Saturdays w/ Rob Rizk

Saturday April 3 with Rob Rizk and in the Livestock Listening Lounge we have ajk & zeeaa! For more info, click HERE. Join the Experience Saturdays group HERE.

DJ OB-1 Live Mix

Sup Fu? Wednesdays 'live' 2 hour mix with DJ OB-1! Download it HERE.

My!Gay!Husband! 'India Disco'

Download the new M!G!H! 'India Disco' mixtape with "all my fave songs from the big ol land INDIA - from classic bollywood to nu india club music!" Download HERE.

Die Antwoord 'Zef Side'

Watch HERE.

Georgia Straight

Here's our first but not last ad that will be running in the Georgia Straight from April 8-14th in case you didn't pick one up.

Jay Tripwire & Rob Rizk at Experience

This Saturday May 1 Experience Saturdays with Jay Tripwire & Rob Rizk and in the Livestock Room w/ DJ Kemo (Rascalz).

Buraka Som Sistema's BBC Essential Mix

Download and tracklist HERE.