Smalltown Re-cap

weSC presented Smalltown DJ's this past Friday and it was one of the best nights to date! Thanks to weSC, BLK OUT and all of you for showing up. Tag yourself HERE and download the exclusive Smalltown DJ's x Happy Ending Fridays mix HERE.

Basics Radio 007 - Neoteric

"Here’s another mix I made for the fantastic Basics Radio series. Its deep, moody will infect every inch of your psyche. Or something. Hope you enjoy it!" Download HERE.

Theophilus London - I Want You

Nike x The Fader 'Pitch Perfect'

With full-on football (aka soccer) mania about to consume the minds and hearts of billions around the globe, The FADER has joined with Nike to present a collaborative project, Pitch Perfect. They will give you new music from all over the world via continental mixtapes made by top selectors with exclusive cover artwork by Siggi Eggertsson. Volume 1 is South America and mixed by Maga Bo. Download and tracklisting HERE.

Georgia Straight Ad

In case you didn't get a chance to grab it...

Excision re-cap

Thanks to MSH Sessions for the Excision show, see the madness below!


Nepomuk is Sven Neitzel, Doris Freigofas and Daniel Dolz from Berlin, three Graphic Designers. Check out their amazing work HERE.

Radiozero 67

Radiozero 67 by Tyler Fedchuk includes tracks by Caribou, Millionyoung, Memoryhouse, LCD Soundsystem and more! Download it HERE.

Shaun White Skateboarding Trailer

Baby Gaga "Telephone"

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

EPMD re-cap

An epic legendary night for Vancouver. Words can't express so see the photos by Mark Gutknecht HERE and Review 2 A Kill HERE and check out reviews by Hip Hop Canada & Review 2 A Kill.

Miike Snow "The Rabbit"

Chinatown Reborn

More Chinatown love from The Province HERE.

Full Time Vol. 2

Download it HERE.

Designer Drugs - Datamix 08

New Designer Drugs Datamix 08 download and listen HERE.

Ceo - Come With me

Ceo is the solo project of Eric Berglund of The Tough Alliance. This track is from the forthcoming full length album titled “White Magic” due out June 29th.

U-Tern vs Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol 1 & 2

Download 20 Ultimate Breaks & Beats 1 HERE.
Download 23 Ultimate Breaks & Beats 2 HERE.

Tell Mum Everything Is Ok #3

The the third issue of the participative photo zine Tell Mum Everything Is Ok is now available featuring more than 50 photographers in a 80 color pages zine.

Turned On Volume 1 Compiled by Neoteric

"This is the compilation album that I’ve put together that was released May 18th on Discobelle Records. I first had the idea to start on this after the first Mystery Mix, when there we so many good unsigned tracks I featured on it. I thought, why not compile them, and gets some tracks from other talented friends I had been working with over the years and release them as a compilation! My friends at Discobelle though it was a great idea, and after months of planning, contracts, managers, mastering, and artwork, this is what came out, and I have to say I’ve even impressed myself, among others." Download and tracklisting HERE.

DJ Royale "In Bloom"

"In Bloom" is a mix that DJ Royale did for Aritzia and it brings us a sexy mix of R&B and Hip Hop Jams for Spring 2010. Download and tracklisting HERE.

Pieter Hugo - Nollywood

Nollywood is said to be the third largest film industry in the world, releasing onto the home video market approximately 1 000 movies each year. Such abundance is possible since films are realized in conditions that would make most of the western independent directors cringe. Movies are produced and marketed in the space of a week: low cost equipment, very basic scripts, actors cast the day of the shooting, “real life” locations. Despite the improvised production process, they continue to fascinate audiences.
In his travels through West Africa, Hugo has been intrigued by this distinct style in constructing a fictional world where everyday and unreal elements intertwine. By asking a team of actors and assistants to recreate Nollywood myths and symbols as if they were on movie sets, Hugo initiated the creation of a verisimilar reality. His vision of the film industry’s interpretation of the world results in a gallery of hallucinatory and unsettling images. See more HERE.

Favela On Blast - Official Trailer

Favela on Blast, the directorial film debut from Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, Diplo, and his partner Leandro HBL, documents a vibrant and innovative musical subculture that has emerged in Brazil's impoverished slums, known as favelas. Well beneath the radar of mainstream society for the last 20 years, they have their own language, style and heroes. Their music and culture have gone mostly unnoticed outside of South America until now. Favela on Blast captures the rarely seen stories of MC's, DJ's, dancers, and cultural producers through the eyes of Diplo and Brazilian filmmaker Leandro HBL, with memorable appearances from funk superstars Deize, Tigrona, Mr. Catra, and Duda Do Borell. Watch the trailer HERE.

Neon Indian "Sleep Paralysist"

Foals - Miami


Major Lazer put this mixtape together for La Roux while working on new material in Jamaica. It features a bunch of JA-inspired blends, special remixes, dubplates and more. Download it and get tracklistings HERE.

Hip Hop Karaoke June!

Tonight it's time for Hip Hop Karaoke June Edition with DJ Seko & Flipout! For more info, click HERE.

Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj - Knockout

Watch the video HERE.

Jayceeoh + Tanner -- Sup Fu?

This Wednesday June 16th Sup Fu? Wednesdays with Jayceeoh (NYC/Super 7) and Tanner (Faction) hosted by aka Jon Campbell and Ritchie. For more info, click HERE. Download Tanner's Redbull 3Style Set HERE and Party Over Here Mixtape HERE.

And download Pop Models Vol. 3 mixed by JayCeeOh HERE!

Fatale presents Ranking Dawtas

This Thursday June 17 it's Ranking Dawtas with DJs Bles-sed, Blondtron, Lady Vishus & Lady Lane. "Bringin Di Riddims" Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Ska, Rock Steady, Ragga and everything in between. For more info, click HERE.

Here’s a little taste from FORTUNE FAMILY favs South Rakkas Crew (in the house July 2)

Hildur Yeoman - The Poodle Collection

Hildur Björk Yeoman was born in Reykjavik where she works and lives. She is a fashion designer and a fashion illustrator - the essence of everything she does is in the world of fashion. Below are pieces from The Poodle Collection, see more HERE.

Dem Bo en Brazil - Nessa V CD Release Afterparty

This Thursday June 3rd we invite you to the Official AFTERPARTY to celebrate the release of Vancouver's newest and hottest upcoming RnB singer NESSA V. Come be the 1st to listen to songs from her debut release "Aché" (pronounced AH-SHAY) and with guest DJs Goldenboy, Kemo, and Savage Beats. For more info, click HERE.

DJ Tameil at Happy Ending Fridays!

This Friday June 18th we have DJ Tameil (Brick City Bandits/Unruly/New Jersey) at Happy Ending Fridays with Brendan Butter (Livestock) & Sincerely Hana (Glory Days) RSVP HERE!

And in the Livestock Room with Genie & Rico Uno for RE-UP 12am-2am!

Boxing Kitten Resort 2010

Both playful and audacious, equal part reverie while pushing the boundaries of fashion completely forward, Boxing Kitten is a vibrant melee of Then and Now. See their Resort 2010 Lookbook HERE.

Wax Romeo // Neoteric // Butter // Culture Club

This Friday June 4 Happy Ending Fridays with Wax Romeo (Smalltown Romeo), Neoteric and Butter. Also, in the Livestock Room with My!Gay!Husband! & Genie for Culture Club. More info HERE.

DJ Ala at Experience

This Saturday June 19th we have DJ Ala at Experience with Rob Rizk and in the Livestock Room with J-Swing.

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang

Ryan McGinley's Project M.I.A.

Check out the rest of Ryan McGinley's M.I.A. photos HERE.

Tim Flach Photography

Tim Flach is a London based photographer, see more of his work HERE.