oki-ni presents BEANS by The Magician

"BEANS by The Magician is an immaculately programmed set full of lush textures and disco bass that sees Stephen trawl through his record collection, mixing 80s Italo-disco from Loui$ and Celophane with contemporary gems from Games and HEALTH, plus his own remix for The Aikiu. The mix is the commissioned sleeve art by Norwegian illustrator Janhakon Robson is available on this limited edition unisex screen printed t-shirt which are available HERE." Download the mix HERE.

Games Strawberry : "Skies"
Beautiful Swimmers : "Big Coast"
Sheer Taft : "Cascade"
HEALTH : "In Heat" (Javelin Mix)
Larry Paul Emmet : "Evita"
Junior Byron : "Dance To The Music"
The Duke Of Burlington : "Flash 83" (Dub)
Heaven 17 : "Let Me Go"
Videovison : "Anybody" (Another Version)
Out Of Control : "What Cha' Gonna Do"
Celophane : "Music Colours"
The Aikiu : "The Red Kiss" (The Magician's Precious 80s Dub)
Loui$ : "Pink Footpath"
Expensives :"Life Without You"
It's Immaterial : "Driving Away From Home"