Hatchmatik (Peer Pressure/Montreal) at Happy Ending

This Friday April 15th Scion, VIA, Livestock, eS, Underworld & Fortune Sound present Hatchmatik (Peer Pressure/Montreal) at Happy Ending Fridays with Hedspin (Eh! Team DJs) & Cherchez La Femme (Easy Now) and in the Livestock Room with Skinny Pete & Pat Campbell for Hi-Fidelity. More event info HERE.
**Celebrating its 68th year, NVW: National Volunteer Week (April 10 to 16), is Canada's largest celebration of volunteers + volunteerism. Celebrating its 10th year in Vancouver, The Cheaper Show has worked with over 355 volunteers since the first installment. This year, a volunteer crew of over 90 will be working on the Vancouver show, taking place on Saturday, June 25. Many of these volunteers start working on the show as early as April, and FSC would like to salute their work on April 15 (Happy Ending Fridays), by celebrating the only week in Canada that exists solely to acknowledge the work of volunteers.

Download Hatchmatik's Lookout Mixtape HERE.