Douster & Zonora Point-Puerto de Palos Mixtape

"Chilean rappers Zonora Point & French Producer Douster teamed up for the Puerto de
Palos Mixtape. 10 hotter than hell tracks, mixing samples of cueca (latino-american folklore) with a touch of dancehall, hip hop and futuristic sounds. Camilizi, Serpiente $yms and Lioz delivers proper street themed lyrics filled with girls, drugs and pornography while Douster's beats runs from classic rap to weird 6/8 industrial lazer music. It's hard to describe what you're listening to, you're in front of a futuristic rap mixtape, dared and dangerous, south american music with a year 3090 swag."

1 - Intro swaggaeton
2 - Que podria ser
3 - El mejor
4 - Empleado del mes
5 - 3000
6 - La chica mas linda
7 - Dame Yerba (Produced by Matenlo)
8 - Algo pasa en el planeta
9 - 4 Days
10 - El Motin
11 - Fuck Paco