Pingcast - Ariel Pink Special

"Episode two of the Pingcast is an Ariel Pink special, dedicated to his weird and very wonderful world. He kindly agreed to do our first ever broadcast 321 interview, and some of our favourite new bands took part, covering or remixing Ariel’s songs. What they came up with is incredible." Listen HERE.

1. Ariel Pink – Menopause Man (Bullion Remix)
2. Echo Lake – Alisa (Ariel Pink cover)
3. Visions Of Trees – She’s My Girl (Ariel Pink cover)
4. Your Twenties – Beverly Kills
5. Ariel Pink – Round & Round (C Powers Remix)
6. Morbid Angel – Demon Seed
7. Puro Instinct – Luv Goon
8. Waskerley Way – Are You Gonna Look After My Boys (Ariel Pink cover)
9. Happy Corners – Fright Night (Nevermore) (Ariel Pink cover)
10. His Clancyness – Can’t Hear My Eyes (Ariel Pink cover)