Juiceboxxx - Journeyman From The Heartland

"The new mixtape. Free internet download! 10 tracks of extreme raging and real life situations but don't worry it is also a lot of motherfucking fun. Tons of different styles and fidelities and vibes. This mixtape was recorded on the road over the past few months with a lot of my friends from around the USA and beyond. Totally unleashed and unhinged, might remind you of high school parking lots or blown out basement show pas or road trips or movies about road trips. I hope you love it!" Download Juiceboxxx's new mixtape HERE.

1. Journeyman (Produced By Schwarz)
2. I Don’t Care (Produced By Dillon Francis)
3. Never Fade Away Feat. 2Lettaz, S.L.A.S.H & Zach Jeffries (Produced By Juiceboxxx & Block Beataz)
4. Boxxx Get Busy Feat. Fat Tony (Produced By Andy Petr)
5. It’s Me Again (Produced by Skeet Skeet)
6. The Journey Part 1 (Produced By BzukaJoe)
7. The Journey Part 2 Feat. Hottub (Produced By Jaysonic)
8. Feat. Neil Schuh (Produced By Neil Schuh)
9. Make It Thru The Day Feat. Kristmas (Produced By L-Vis 1990)
10. Life’s A Gas (Produced By Juiceboxxx)