Das Racist - Sit Down, Man

For Sit Down, Man Das Racist has enlisted superproducers Diplo, Boi-1da, Scoop Deville, Devo Springsteen and Dame Grease as well as collaborations with El-P, Despot, Roc Marciano, Keepaway, Teengirl Fantasy, Chairlift and Vijay Iyer to make this one of the hottest projects of the year by one of the most sought after unsigned acts in recent years. Download HERE.

01. Wkcr stretch and Bobbito show w/ Quincy Jones (Intro)
02. 'All Tan Everything' ft. Jay-Z [prod. Sabzi]
03. 'Puerto Rican Cousins' [prod. Gordon Voidwell and Alex Kestner]
04. 'Hahahaha Jk?' [prod. Boi-1da]
05. 'Town Business' ft. Kassa Overall [prod. Kassa Overall]
06. 'Commercial' [prod. teengirl fantasy]
07. 'People are Strange' [prod. Devo Springsteen]
08. 'Luv It Mayne' ft. Fat Tony & Bo P) [prod. Tom Cruz]
09. 'Amazing' ft. Lakutis [prod. Keepaway]
10. 'Fashion Party' (with Chairlift) [prod. Chairlift]
11. 'Rapping 2 U' ft. Lakutis [prod. Sha-Leik]
12. 'Rooftop' ft. Despot [prod. Dame Grease]
13. 'Irresponsible' ft. Lakutis [prod. Like Magic + Das Racist]
14. 'Return to Innocence [prod. Dash Speaks]
15. 'Julia' (The Very Best Remix) [prod. Das Racist]
16. 'Roc Marciano Joint' ft. Roc Marciano [prod. Mike Finito]
17. 'You Can Sell Anything' [prod. Diplo]
18. 'Sit Down, Man' ft. El-P [prod. Scoop Deville]
19. 'Sit Down, People' (by Dapwell and Quincy Jones)