Screwed - Babe Rainbow

"My buddy Mike (CFCF) and I were talking about doing an all chopped and screwed night during Pop Montreal and I got all excited so I screwed up these tracks. Enjoy." Download Babe Rainbow's Screwed mixtape HERE.

  1. Wake Up, Mr. Flowers - Lil B
  2. Hit U Up - Lil Wayne feat Hot Boyz
  3. Return of the G - Outkast
  4. Life’s A Bitch - Nas
  5. Ready To Die - Notorious BIG
  6. Not A Stain - Jhi-Ali
  7. S.O.D. Money Gang - Soulja Boy
  8. Silence - Company Flow
  9. Paradise - G-Side
  10. Mommy, What’s a Gravedigga - Gravediggaz
  11. Up - Tyler, the Creator with Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats