Dominique Young Unique

This Friday October 1st Timbre & Fortune Sound present Dominique Young Unique (Florida) performing live with Rico Uno & Sincerely Hana and in the Livestock Room with Easy Now DJs Cherchez & Double Dutch. For more info, click HERE.

"the deffest chica from down south since like JJ Fad." - The Fader

"She makes Santigold sound like the teacher from Peanuts. BEST THING OF MUSIC EVER." - Jessica Hopper, tinyluckygenius aka the Unicorn's tear

"This girl’s music fuses rank bitch rap, electro melodies, catchy riffs and golden ghetto funk seamlessly. She’ll be taking the title of ghetto queen from Santigold very soon." - Blouse

"Cocksure teenaged rapstress Domique Young Unique couples innocently wide-eyed flows with beats from YM’s Brit production team Hardfeelingsuk. Expect a similar scale break out rather soon…" - Hip Hop Connection

"'Music Time' sounds like every song from Pee Wee's Playhouse played simultaneously, or 32 different colors of Play-Doh being thrown at a mirror until they all stick together and run. It is pretty bananas!" - Fader

"This young girrl sounds as fresh as apple pie to tea and as hustling as a milli backstage." - The Fast Life

"we have a feeling that painfully fresh-faced Floridian Dominique Young Unique might give [Azealia Banks] a run for the crown of babe with the beats...“Music Time”‘s rapid-fire delivery and hyperactive retro-futurist production recall[s] her mentors immediately but swaggers out of their shadow effortlessly at the same time by virtue of a really quite undeniable exuberance and fun rudegrrrrl endeavour." - It's the Supersound

And you can download her mixtape HERE.