Unsafe At Any Speed Vol. 1 Mixtape

"I'm really excited to present UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED, VOL. I! Not having released a mix since Luvstep, I've tried my best to make this one a worthy successor. Whereas the former was made to hone in on a specific subgenre, this mix was engineered to highlight a bunch of different strains of bass music I'm excited about right now. There's come cross-pollination going on too: I really like a lot of the "Drumstep" stuff that's coming out lately, but have had the most success playing it out mixed with rap hooks and club chants (my Tim Dolla remix in this section is basically that), so I've tried to translate some of that here. There's all sorts of little edits along the way, and a crop of my upcoming releases too." Download Unsafe At Any Speed by Flufftronix HERE.