White Light 22 & 23

"I've been a big fan of the White Light series since very early on after its inception, so naturally, I was pretty excited to get cracking on my contribution. The hard part was whittling it down to something that wouldn't have you in your golden years before the halfway point. In the end, I would up with a couple of classics, some newer stuff, a couple weird dollar-bin finds from Recordland in Calgary, and even a couple that I made. I tried to do a mix that would sound as good in your white Miata as it would at your next séance. At any rate, I hope it's something you can get down to. So lick your lips and have a listen 'cause I like you a lot'." Download HERE and be sure to mark your calendars for Wax Romeo at Fortune on Friday June 4!

"There's something magical happening right before the end of a summer day... that golden hour just before sunset, when things are tired, shadows become longest and the world is laid back, waiting for the night to come. These tracks belong to this very hour." Download HERE.