Sup Fu? Wednesdays w/ Flipout, Arems & P-Luv

Thanks to the 400 people that came through to the Grand Opening of Sup Fu? last week. This week we break you off with Flipout (2010 Red Bull 3 Style Champ), Arems (Faction Sound Crew), P-Luv (Boyscouts) and DJ She in the Livestock Room. We are busting any recessions by offering 1. FREE before 11pm 2. FREE to all retail, club, and restaurant industry (just show biz card or pay stub) before 12 am 3. or simply email with 'your full name +1 and Sup Fu? March 31' in the subject box. Basically I guess its FREE FREE FREE. Special week day drink specials in effect! Quality music in effect! That's what's up fu's! Facebook page HERE.
And check out the photos from last week's grand opening night HERE. Photos by Mark Gutknecht.