DJ Ayres 'Live' at Home Pt. 26 Mix

'Like everything, I really over-thought this mix. These days I do most of my mixes in Ableton, cutting and pasting in tracks, editing the intros and outros to mix perfectly, which takes out any room for human error. It's a hell of a lot faster this way, so doing a Live At Home was a return to the old way of doing things, and while working with Serato and a Pioneer 800 does make things a little easier than 12" records and the shitty Numark mixer I had in '96, recording live still means taking that leap of faith when you hit record. I felt pretty happy with the second take so that is the one you'll hear. In terms of selection, these are all songs I don't usually get to play in primetime DJ sets, but I wanted it to still feel like a party. Some funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and a little bit of house at the end. I hope y'all enjoy it.'
Download HERE.